The orthopedic medical external fixation device, we provide is a new type of medical polymer sheet, which is processed by special polymer polyester through certain steps. The material can be shaped on the patient after being heated in water at 65-75°C for 1-3 minutes after activation, and hardened after 3-5 minutes of shaping. In addition, the user can directly stick the two heated plates together by hand, and then separate the two plates after cooling.
The surface of this product can be made into a small net level of at least 10%. It has high strength, good air permeability, can pass X-rays, and has no skin irritation. It is also pre-cut into a model suitable for different body parts (Q series). Fabric molding, including fingers, wrists, elbows, arms, shoulders, head, neck, torso, knees, ankles, feet and legs, etc.

The models of sternal rib fixation plate include rib fracture fixation type and post-thoracotomy analgesia type.

Orthopedic medical external fixation devices also provide plates. Users can cut suitable shapes and apply different thicknesses and holes according to the part used, the age or body type of the user and special needs.

Orthopedic medical external fixation devices can be quickly degraded in the soil, and it is a new type of environmentally friendly external fixation material.

Scope of application

This product is mainly used for fixing fractures, joint dislocations, joint inflammations and other postoperative related parts, as well as making cryogenic braces for emergency, rehabilitation and orthopedics.