Human port


  • Safety impantable Venous Port
  • Titanium, or PSU body – Silicone catheter
  • Easy placement and time saving because the body is not flipped over before suture
  • Screw type of detached connector provides the excellent safety by complete locking and convinience & time saving when removing the port
  • Comfortable to patient, easy to palpate when administering the drug
  • MRI available
  • Practically compatible with CT injectable 300psi 5ml/s
  • No Flipping during the placement in the body


  1. For the patient who is under repetitive Chemo therapy or pain relief (long & short term use)
  2. Patient who needs antimicrobial, antivira medication and parenteral nutrition
  3. Patient who has cystic fibrosis due to IV administration or injection of anticancer drug
  4. Patient who has circulating disorder like phlebitis due to long term blood transfusion


  • Surgery deparment, cardiothoracic
  • Surgery deparment, intervention


An Insung Medical Subcutaneous Titanium Infusion Kit includes:

1 Implantable Titanium Port

1 Radiopaque silicone catheter

2 Screw type Datached connector

1 0.85mm x 535mm J-Guidewire

1 90′ non-coring needle

1 3.0mm x 260mm Stainless steel tunnel

1 9Fr Peel-away dilator-introducer 140mm

1 blunt needle 22G x 15mm

1 Straight non-coring needle 22G x 25mm

1 5cc hole syringe

1 18G x 70mm introducer needle

1 No 11. blade scalpel

Product Specifications

Size Base diameter (mm) Diameter of injection chamber (mm) Injection chamber height (mm)
Big 28 12 11.5
Medium 24 10 10
Small 19 9 9.5